MSW-ARS’ Brand Building Portfolio

MSW-ARS offers a process that helps create more effective communications, improve media allocation, improve ROI and ultimately build more profitable brands.  The process is embodied in a suite of products, MSW-ARS's Brand Building Portfolio, that guides our clients from Brand Planning to Activation and then to In-Market Tracking.  We do this with a full array of world class solutions including proprietary survey techniques, facial coding, eye tracking, neuro measurement and media planning & forecasting.

Each product offered in the Brand Building Portfolio and each step in the process feeds into the next step as a benchmark and as an insight.

  • All products use the same analytical philosophy and a consistent questionnaire framework

  • Deliverables have consistency to drive clear “incremental improvement” and simple consultation

MSW-ARS’s Brand Building Portfolio evolved over the last 45 years from client demand.  When the company was founded as an advertising research company in the 1960’s we became the world’s recognized leader in helping companies assess and diagnose advertising effectiveness.  We used sales validated techniques to determine marketplace impact of communications – share, volume, ROI. 

Much of this early work (Communications Activation) was done on semi-finished or finished advertising.  We were so successful in predicting success or failure (independent published data available) clients increasingly asked us to help them earlier in the process (Brand Planning) and then later at the in-market stage (Tracking).  And so, our process and product evolved to meet client demand.  

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