MSW●ARS Qualitative Insights

Ethnographic / Observational Research

We've been invited into people's lives to watch, listen, explore, eat, play and learn...

  • Home visits – how do people clean, cook, decorate, entertain, play, organize, take care of their pets
  • Shopping  - for groceries, cell phones, liquor, toys, jewelry
  • Dining – from quick service with the kids, to sit down with the family
  • Working – offices, retail, factories, at home, data centers, restaurants
  • Driving  - with their eyes on the road and when distracted
  • Playing – young adults gaming, kids in the yard, tweens on the computer
  • Entertainment – from roller coaster rides to days at the beach

Observation and conversation in-situ often provides richness and detail to compliment other research methods…helping to “fill in the gaps”…and can offer additional learning and insights sometimes not gained through more direct interviewing methods alone.

  • Provide new insights for established brands
  • Develop or confirm hypotheses
  • Uncover new product usage opportunities
  • Plant seeds for new product development
  • Reveal problems and provide solutions for product use
  • Provide inspiration for creative development

We offer a number of ways to observe; from the very direct, spending time with people, to the less direct…

  • Video Diaries, Online Journals
  • Webcam interviews
  • Mobile research

MSW●ARS Research will recommend the right mix to meet your objectives