Hispanic Practice

Latinos’ complex ethnic diversity, the challenges associated with traditional market research techniques and the lack of cultural congruence, consistently impact Hispanic research projects and generate expensive and time-consuming studies that offer little-to-no real value to brand executives.   

To address the needs of the Hispanic marketers, MSW●ARS offers its full Brand Building Portfolio appropriately tailored towards Hispanics under the MSW●ARS Hispanic Practice. These world-class solutions go from Brand Planning and Communications Activation to In-Market Tracking and Brand Health. 

Every project under MSW●ARS Hispanic Practice incorporates:

Over two decades of Hispanic Research experience at your service.

In over twenty years we’ve run in excess of 1,000 studies with Hispanic sample in the U.S., more than half of those specifically among Spanish speakers. This has allowed us to closely follow the evolution of the Hispanic consumer, and offer you an unparalleled understanding of the different segmentation models available to best respond to your brand’s needs.

State-of-the-art research techniques which accurately reflect Latinos’ response to advertising.

From strategic planning, creative optimization, copy testing -cross-media or single touch-point like TV or digital, communication tracking, loyalty, etc., MSW●ARS’ tools provide you with an end-to-end perspective. Our methodologies incorporate standard cognitive metrics as well as non-cognitive techniques like facial coding, eye tracking, neuro measurement, behavioral response time, and shift in brand preference. Each solution is highly customizable to fit the project’s need and budget, allowing for standard or unique research approaches. Pushing the limits to come up with innovative approaches is our everyday work.

Cultural Congruence

To achieve real insights through an understanding beyond the numbers, MSW●ARS has a research team compatible with the cultural context of the project. Our team includes experienced bicultural researchers: Hispanic themselves, who speak the language, live the culture, and know the consumer.  We ensure our surveys are well adjusted for the Latino population, and that the results are appropriately understood and not misinterpreted by courtesy-biased responses.

By incorporating state-of-the-art techniques with our Latino experience and domain, we are uniquely positioned to offer true valuable learnings, direct comparison to General Market studies, and actionable insights to our customers.

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