Case Studies


1. Do you have In-the-Moment Compliance?

Challenge: Compliance in a chronic disease category

Solution: Mobile measurement of disease management app using observational and survey data from daily check-in research.

Result: Improved compliance contributing to 2% annual unit sales volume increase.

2. Do your campaigns feature surround sound?

Challenge: Successfully launch a new add-on therapy in a crowded, established category.

Solution: Applied MSW-ARS TouchPoint to measure key touch points prior to and post launch. Established a client-specific predictive measure of pre-market ROI.

Result: Product launch exceeded all activation, sales and share objectives. Client has adopted approach as best practice for other product launches.


1. How loyal are your loyals?

Challenge: Increase share of trips and share of wallet from store loyalty program.

Solution: Customer experience enhancement through in-the-moment shopper research collected through mobile phones.

Result: Client seeing sales lifts on a market by market basis due to local store merchandising enhancements.

2. Is your store a place to meet friends and influence people?

Challenge: Create a unique atmosphere for gathering in an emotional products category among traditionally, transaction based competitors.

Solution: Applied MSW-ARS's unique approach to measuring emotional attachment for store name, product names and communications to reposition the store chain as a destination for consumers looking for a store experience beyond product purchase.

Result: Organization has expanded geographically and generated greater revenue per store than any other competitor by differentiating itself within its category.

3. How do you slay a giant?

Challenge: Specialty retail chain targeted as competitive opportunity by very large, general retail chain.

Solution: Applied ACCU*TRAK Brand Monitor approach as the core of a decision support system for integrated brand experience providing strategic direction on a quarterly basis and tactical plan adjustment on a monthly basis.

Result: Client has grown unit volume and market share while maintaining marketing spending at levels much lower than the spending levels of the new, large general retail chain competitor.

Consumer Packaged Goods

1. So, what if the train has left the station?

Challenge: Need for rapid adjustments to in-market events.

Solution: Customer experience feedback in the moment collected through mobile phones during sponsored events using MSW-ARS Onsite Sponsorship solution.

Results: Rapid program adjustments leading to 6% improvement in ROI from event schedule and 50% reduction in associated research costs.

2. Can you teach an old brand new tricks?

Challenge: Century year old beverage brand was no longer relevant.

Solution: MSW-ARS Filter product concept testing of various new tastes. Combined pre-launch and post-launch measurement of various communications programs supporting a variety of new product flavor launches using MSW-ARS TouchPoint Suite.

Results: Organization is expanding sales at a compound 15% per annum. Repositioned the brand as category leader while building a unique image based on the heritage of the brand.

3. Are you just another pretty face?

Challenge: Redesign and differentiate a complete line of cosmetic products.

Solution: Applied MSW-ARS A&U Decoder to understand category opportunities for the brand given product feature importance combined with client and competitive brand alignment.

Results: Resource allocation shift to support various “leverage” product opportunities. New product development targeted around white space opportunities.

Financial Services

1. Do investors believe you can show them the money?

Challenge: Grow client base during economic downturn despite increasing competitive threats to existing client investor base.

Solution: Brand promise message strength assessed for key touch points through MSW-ARS TouchPoint suite. Scheduled best practice consultation reporting to brand and agency teams.

Results: Brand regained market leadership position and targeted growth despite economic downturn.